Line x Uniqlo shirts 2015 – Singapore

More cute shirts coming!!🙂

Uniqlo SG is launching 14 new Line Friends shirts starting 27th March. Super cute!! They also launched last yr, which I blogged about here.

Uniqlo x Line collab tees SG 2015_01

LINE FRIENDS Uniqlo Shirts SG 2015

It’s SGD 14.90 per shirt. Everything is too cute. I want them all!!

These pink and grey ones are my most favorite:

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_03

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_04

My face is like Cony’s when I first found out about these shirts online LoL.

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_05

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_06

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_07

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_08

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_09

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_10

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_11

Then there are these designs with front pockets, so cute but obviously for men😦 . Uniqlo please launch female sizes too please!! Since most people that will shop for these are females anyway. XS sizes tend to sold out fast.

I am planning to buy my shirts online cos I cannot go in a shop on the launch date, since 27th of March is a Friday, means I have work that day and stuck at office. Thankfully there is an online shopping option unlike last year.

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_12,

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_13

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_14

All of these are super cute and I love the quality of Uniqlo tees. Very comfy and smooth fabric. ^_^

Though there are some designs that I am not very sure about cos the UNIQLO name is so big, I just thought that I kinda look like a Uniqlo employee when I wear these haha.

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_02

LINE FRIENDS Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt Uniqlo_01

More info:

Shop for the Uniqlo x Line UT tees from March 27, 2015 at most Uniqlo stores in Singapore (except the outlets at One@Kentridge, One KM, One Raffles Place and Changi Airport) and online at www.uniqlo.com/sg.

Thanks for reading!!

Till later,

Cess ^_^

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just watched “Cinderella” @ Orchard last night!! OMG it was so so so magical. I LOVE IT. ♥ ♥ ♥

I wasn’t really planning to go watch it in a movie house as cinemas are not really my thing(I prefer watching movies at home)..but then I saw this trailer in youtube and I just thought that we MUST see it. we must we must we must.

Haha. Now I’m obsessed with the soundtrack too. I especially like the song by Ellie Goulding (“My Blood” in the 3rd trailer).

Here are 2 more trailers:

I have always been a Disney kid at heart. I remember when we went to Disneyland for the first time (about 3 years ago), I had a few tears of joy when I saw Mickey Mouse LoL. Totally obsessed with anything Disney.The first book I ever read as a child was “Mickey-The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Dumbo”, and we have a collection of antique VHS tapes of Disney movies which me and my sister used to watch over and over till we memorized everything LoL. My father would buy lots of VHS tapes especially the Disney princesses ones cos back then we don’t have a brother yet, so it’s all girls in our house. Our favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

So my excitement peaked to the highest level when Disney announced recently that EMMA WATSON is going to play Belle in 2016 “Beauty and the Beast” live-action film OMG OMG OMG. I love Emma Watson and I think she is perfect for the role of Belle.

Anyway, back to Cinderella.

Her dress looks amazing!! It is animated in such a way that is so close to what I remembered watching in the VHS tapes, only 100xx more magical cos of the technology now. I suddenly want a powder blue dress LoL. Note to self: buy anything powder blue.


Lily_James_Cinderella_Dress CINDERELLA


The Prince Charming is so handsome.🙂 So nice to see Richard Madden again after watching his unjust demise in Game of Thrones. His eyes are super blue and he looks clean in this movie than in Game of Thrones.


And the glass slipper…WOW.



 Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter look stunning too!! The costumes are really on point. Cate Blanchett has got to be the best-dressed villain of all time haha.



♥ ♥ ♥

The whole movie is actually pretty similar to the cartoon one I remembered in the VHS. That is why when I was watching this last night, it brought back a lot of good memories. Magic and beautiful princesses and handsome princes and glittery gowns and lives with happy endings. So nice to remember those things once in a while.🙂


Just thought to share this cos I really liked the movie. ^_^

Now I’m hunting down the MAC Cinderella makeup collection. Which apparently became available in SG since 26th February. I thought it was going to be launched on 12th March but that was the movie itself!! So I totally mixed up the dates😮 . I dunno if the makeup are still available but I’m gonna try.😦 I really want the Mystery Princess blusher and the Royal Ball lipstick. And the Studio Fix Lash too. Actually I want EVERYTHING but that will be too expensive.

MAC_Cinderella_Collection_2015_01 MAC_Cinderella_Collection_2015_03 MAC_Cinderella_Collection_2015_04

Anyway, that is all my updates for today. Have a nice weekend everyone. And watch Cinderella!! Heee.

Till later,

Cess ^_^

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Sooo… I’m preoccupied by a lot of Kdramas and variety shows this past week! I’ve started watching the new series “Blood” and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” @ dramago.com.


Ahn Jae Hyun in “Blood” is super cute!! Acting-wise, I think he is receiving a lot of flak from critics because he’s a rookie, and he acts like it. I admit “Blood””s story line isn’t really the most interesting. (It could use a lot of improvements). I just keep on watching cos of the hot lead male actor LoL.

Looks so young eh!! He’s actually 27 yrs old, but his looks are like 22 or something like that.


I’m also watching “High School Love On” and “Healer” which are both recently aired dramas. I think both series concluded last year and early this year. Also watching “Running Man” every week and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” and just finished Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter”. So that pretty much describes my whole past week. Hahaha! Korean TV is so sinful.😛


This is the poster for “High School Love On”. Very cute series but I haven’t finished it yet.


And poster for “Healer” which I just started. I finished episode 1 just now haha this series received a lot of positive reviews so I got curious. I wasn’t really planning to watch this but the male lead looks so handsome omg. ♥


“Hyde, Jekyll, Me” poster stars Han Ji Min and Hyun Bin, both are my super favorite actors so I’m still watching even tho the story is a biiiiitttt boring…

Hopefully it improves.


“City Hunter” drama which I just finished watching last weekend. This was pretty interesting, I especially liked the last episodes part. Lee Min Ho and the other casts were impressive. ^_^


Skincare updates!!🙂

I’ve pretty much switched from Laneige to Innisfree now. So obsessed with Laneige products for 2 years already, but now I think Innisfree is much better. I replaced everything except the Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence that I still use regularly cos it works really well.


These are my new favorites:

Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover, Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil, Eco Science White C Sleeping Pack, and Green Barley Bubble Cleanser. All from Innisfree. ^_^

(from left to right)


I chose Innisfree cos the products are organic (maybe not 100% organic, but still organic at some point), so that is more skin-friendly in my opinion. Cheaper than Laneige too.😛 So after I used up all my Laneige skincare bottles, I replaced almost everything with Innisfree.

As for results, since most of these new stuff are cleansers/makeup removers, they work pretty much the same way as my Laneige ones. The difference is that the organic products feels less harsh on my skin.

I also use sleeping packs/masks every night. Cream packs every night, sheet masks every 3rd night. So I normally use up around 10 sheet masks every month. I have super dry skin that is why I do all these stuff. If I don’t take care of my skin, I look older cos of fine lines wah! 😮

I’ve started using Korean skin care products 2 years ago. My skin situation improved A LOT since.


Anyway, masks update:

Eco Science C Sleeping Pack (Innisfree)

White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack (Laneige)

Rice / Pomegranate / Bija Sleeping Pack (Innisfree)

Orchid and Pore Persimmon Sleeping packs samples from Innisfree. Innisfree always give me a lot of generous samples like these. So normally this sample jars lasts quite a long time with me then if I liked it I will buy the full bottle.

(from left to right)


I alternate these products every night. Steps: Remove makeup, cleanse, Laneige White Plus Renew Essence, then one of these sleeping packs. On every 3rd night, I will remove makeup, cleanse, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, then a sheet mask, then sleeping pack again. So it’s not really too much products..it just looks so many cos I’m alternating. I don’t use all these sleeping packs in one night!!


I love these fruit masks from Innisfree!! ♥ And I just discovered these “second skin” hydrogel masks recently. Innisfree gave 2 free samples last week and I really liked them! Sticks better to my skin than the fruit masks, so I’m including it to my routine now.

You must think I’m crazy because of all these products LoL. But I consider them all necessary for great skin. I’m not Benjamin Button after all. And I find it inspiring how South Koreans take care of their skin, their makeup techniques are very pretty too!! So natural.🙂 That is why I love watching Korean TV so much, I like it more than my own Filipino channel and even SG channel. Sometimes when I watch US/Filipino/SG shows on TV I couldn’t help but cringe at the sight of young actors/actresses that looked way too much older than their real age cos of heavy and thick makeup. It’s like instead of enhancing natural beauty, the makeup covered everything and they looked different and too mature.

I don’t get it why anti-aging products are bestsellers nowadays, but then when makeup is applied the person will look older instead of younger?? Anyway, this is just my personal opinion.

That is all my updates for now. I’m supposed to swatch some new lippies but I just realized that I left some of it in the office yesterday.😮  #FML. I’ll post it next time.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!🙂

Till later,

Cess ^_^

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Bye February!! T_T

I’m back in SG now. CNY holidays flew by like THAT. My two weeks break was finished so quickly, I am still in a daze from the change of pace and environment. It was like my life was simplified a lot in the past two weeks and now I’m walking around disoriented in a strange environment. I guess this is what they call homesickness.

It’s not the first time I wished for time to stop so that I can fully enjoy precious family moments longer.

Unfortunately, stopping time is not yet invented so all we can do is just truly make most of the present moment. That is what I always try to do to make me feel less nostalgic about being away from my home and family.

These are some photo collages I collected during my holiday. I ate a lot of food that I miss and went to places I frequent before but now I can only visit once a year. Not a lot of time to meet up with friends, because I mostly spent the days with my parents and aunts, cousins, and my pet dog. I actually never left my parents’ side unless they were sleeping LoL. #clingy

Cess_Aguilar_Family Filipino_Food_Collage Goldilocks_Food_PH MOA_Musical_Fireworks New_Orleans_MOA Our_Lady_of_Fatima_Parish_Kawit_Cavite_Interior Ramen_at_MOA UST_Arch_of_the_Century

So grateful that my flights back and forth SG were safe even tho there were some scary turbulence. All these recent plane accidents made me so paranoid about flying even tho my destination was only 4 hrs away. I am safely back in SG now, typing in my laptop tucked in my SG bed that felt unfamiliar at first.


Even my blog felt a bit unfamiliar, it took me a few days before I can write a new post. But now I’m slowly adjusting back to my rhythm then I’m going to blog more about my usual fashion, travel, makeup, and food stuff.

I’m also starting on a new job this March which I’m very excited and nervous about. I really hope it all goes well and I’m looking forward on meeting new colleagues and friends. I have a bit of that nervous feeling like when entering a new school where I know nobody.., still, I’m grateful for this change cos it’s definitely a change for the better.🙂

Will update more about that and other things in upcoming posts. ^_^

Sorry if this post is a bit sappy. I’m still on holiday-recovery mode HAHA.

Till later,

Cess ^_^

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I’m still on cny holiday!! So I have very limited internet connection and time to post.

Anyway, I want to share an amazing video topic I found in YouTube last night. It’s by youtuber Ingrid Nilsen whom I’ve been watching online for quite some time now.

The video is about “FOMO” or “Fear of Missing Out” which is a subject I’m sure a lot of us can totally relate to. I relate to it like 90% LoL, I really liked this video the first time I watched it.🙂

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Till later,

Cess ^_^

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