Purple Minions – McDonald’s Singapore Despicable Me 2 Week 2

What happens when the cute minions turn evil?

They turn purple, hairy, and crazy!! Still funny and adorable though! ^_^

evil minion

Week 2 of the McDonald’s Singapore Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal promotion brings 2 Evil Minion toys and Stuart Light Up Grabber! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get Stuart, I totally underestimated the popularity of the Happy Meal promotion that day.


The toys were released on 18th July 2013, 11 am Singapore time; me and my colleagues got in the nearest McDonald’s around lunch time (which means about an hour and a half after their release), and we are so shocked that all minion toys are sold out! Some stocks came in a few minutes though, good thing we are still there, but only the two purple Evil Minions Chomper and Noisemaker are available, yellow Minion Stuart are all redeemed in the first hour of release.😦

” Evil Minion Chomper “




” Evil Minion Noisemaker “




For those who missed Stuart Light up Grabber like me, McDonald’s Singapore has a “Deferred Fulfillment”  program starting  July 25 to Aug  07, 2013, where customers can order the Despicable Me 2 minions online and collect them by December 2013. I really think this is a great move by McDonald’s, so all those who missed the toys can still collect them. Everyone happy!! ^_^

All my McDonald’s Minions so far:



See my Despicable Me 2 Week 1 post here.

My job for my Minions?? Hold the miniature Samurai Swords we got from Japan. Haha.🙂



This coming Thursday, 25 July 2013, the last 3 McDonald’s Minions will be released in all restaurant outlets by 11 am. I learned my lesson last week, I am so going to queue early this time! ^_^

Despicable Me 2 promo

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